Cloud Accounting Software for Sage® Users

A true-cloud system rather than a hybrid. The Sage® alternative you've been looking for.

With a vast increase in the workforce now operating from home, many users are now recognising the limitations of working with on-premise finance systems or ‘hosted on-premise’ often termed as fake cloud.  Both speed and security issues become increasingly apparent when enabling remote-access for much of the finance team.

Here at iplicit, we have encountered many frustrated on-premise users who ‘upgraded’ to a hosted service, only to realise that other limitations were introduced as a result, along with the user experience not being as ‘cloud-like’ as they expected.

The founders of Exchequer® accounting software, along with several key members of their original team, joined forces with iplicit to deliver a solution that represents a seamless next-step for all on-premise finance software users, including those seeking an alternative to Sage® accounting software.

At the micro-business end of the market, there are two dominant true cloud offerings that serve small businesses very well.  Similarly, for much larger companies, the likes of MS Dynamics® and NetSuite®  are compelling choices.  Though for the small to medium sized business with say, 30-500 staff, there are very few, cost effective, true-cloud systems to choose from.

Over 40 man-years of development have been invested to ensure that iplicit software is not only a state-of-the-art, cloud-based offering, but is also a solution that is overwhelmingly sympathetic to the needs of the Sage® accounting software user.

The original Exchequer® team spent 17 years providing leading edge accounting software to thousands of organisations.  Now that cloud-based services facilitate significant opportunities over on-premise legacy solutions, they’ve put the team back together, with the specific intention of appealing to all those using on-premise, legacy software who are ready to take the next step and embrace the additional capabilities now afforded by modern technology.

Voted the UK’s best Mid-Market and Enterprise Accounting Software

Accounting Excellence Awards 2020

Want to know more?

If you have only 15-20 minutes, take a look at the software videos on this site; various elements of functionality have been broken down into short clips to enable you to see how it works. If you have a little more time, however, we recommend joining one of our weekly webinars where you’ll see a live presentation of the system and can ask our Product Specialist questions relating directly to the needs of your organisation.