Willowcombe Property Upgrades to iplicit

By Paul Sparkes
21 Jan, 2019

Willowcombe Limited, a quintessential English-based property company has chosen to use Iplicits ERP software to enhance the management of its growing property portfolio.

Operating out of Tonbridge, Kent their portfolio comprises residential and business properties located across the breadth of the Southern counties of England.

Recognising the need to improve their current systems Willowcombe started looking for a software solution that would add value to the business. Iplicit offered all the features that Willowcombe were looking for:

  • Property module
  • Enhance User Experience
  • Ability to Scale with the Business
  • Tenant invoicing and debt management
  • Bank reconciliations and cash management
  • Supplier invoice recording and payments
  • Unlimited Reporting and enquiries

All this and more – fully integrated.

For maximum efficiency, the Kent based business can now quickly record data related to important lease dates, rents, service charges, areas, valuations and more. Other features include task management, alerts and automatic invoicing, which can even factor in rent reviews and rent steps. Which means that those important tasks and dates related to property rentals and tenant management are not missed.

An added bonus comes with Iplicit’s document storage. All those key leases, certificates, invoices, emails and any other document, can be attached to a property or tenant record. They’re always there and available for reference when needed.

Being new to ERP systems two major factors in Willowcombes selection critieria, in addition to the required business functionality, were ease of use and great support. Iplicit’s intuitive UI, delivered via a secure cloud solution and backed up by our UK based support team, proved to be an ideal fit. Up and running in no time at all and no IT worries.

‘’Iplicit has revolutionised the way we run our small, family-owned property business. Although we were newcomers to sophisticated software, the team made it accessible and relevant to our needs. They guided us through the implementation process with the greatest patience, care and good humour. We have found Iplicit to be easy to use, endlessly helpful and it just makes our lives so much simpler. Thank you Iplicit!’’ Sarah Lupton – Director


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