Ron Krasniqi

By Lyndon
27 Nov, 2018

Ron joined the Iplicit team in 2018, through the apprenticeship scheme as a physics graduate. Over the next few years, Ron is on the Iplicit fast-track program to acquire the appropriate skills and experience to secure a position as a fully-fledged developer.


As a talented mathematician during his school years, Ron achieved Gold in the UK Maths Challenge and went on to study Physics at Warwick University. From a young age, he’s been a high performer, competing in national tennis and football tournaments while coaching young juniors and achieving top grades.

“Physics allowed me to solve tangible problems while gaining a deeper understanding into the world around me. I’ve always been a techie, building my first PC as a teenager. Once I delved into programming, I saw a world where I could make a big impact using my skills and instantly knew that this was what I wanted to do.”

Key Experience

While his experience is light as this is Ron’s first year in industry, he makes up for it with attitude and motivation.  Keen to acquire as much exposure to development, integration and support services within Concept, Ron has an active supporting role across all the teams. He has already implemented some designs while also executing our rigorous testing and QA procedures.

Key Technical Skills

Increasing experience in JavaScript with React and Typescript while completing a SQL course in his first 6 months.

Strong statistical and data analysis skills from his field of study.

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