Robert Steele

By Lyndon
1 Nov, 2018

Rob was co-founder of Exchequer® Software and was key to building the business over a period of 21 years, starting the business in 1986 and eventually leaving the business in 2007, 2 years after it was sold to Iris Software.

Since then Rob took a sabbatical from accounting software for 5 years, during which time he engaged with other growth businesses from the fashion industry to automotive. In 2012 he met Ian Andrews and the journey with Iplicit began.


All of Rob’s background is centred around Exchequer® – which itself was born out of developing individual bespoke systems for small and medium sized businesses.  Understanding the needs of growing businesses is at Rob’s core.  He lived and breathed Exchequer® for over 20 years and helped build a loyal team of passionate, customer-focused people who all helped the business win many awards for its customer satisfaction.


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