Paul Sparkes

By Lyndon
2 Nov, 2018

Paul is a respected and well-known software industry professional having worked in the accounting and business software sector for over 25 years. He has helped thousands of organisations with consulting, implementing and evolution of leading product teams developing software solutions. 


Having spent the majority of his career in the Accounting, Payroll, HR & ERP arena, Paul was one of the original Exchequer® Software team and played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the product over a 20-year period.  

Throughout the changes of ownership, from the original Exchequer® business to IRIS and then Advanced, Paul continued as one of the few constants for Exchequer® offering until his departure in 2016.  

Key experience 

Paul has been involved with the implementation of software systems across multiple industries for the more than two decades. In recent years, he has been focused increasingly on cloud-based solutions and the advantages they now bring to every size and shape of organisation.   

Paul has led successful implementation strategies for thousands of clients, ranging from smaller SME’s, NFP’s to large Enterprises. 

Key Areas of Expertise 

Kashflow, Exchequer® Software, IRIS Payroll & HR Solutions, Iplicit Software & Microsoft Tools.  

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