Company-wide access

You determine exactly who does what in Iplicit. It’s easy to set up a range of different users, so you can empower all the right individuals with the right information and responsibilities. You’re in complete control. And as long as you’ve got the internet, you’ve got Iplicit anywhere.

By admin
20 Nov, 2018

Unlimited user roles

You can set up an unlimited number of user roles and access rights. Define who goes where inside Iplicit and what they do there. Delegate as much or as little as you want, while always being in complete financial control. To make it even easier, Iplicit comes loaded with all the roles we anticipate you’ll need, and we’ll set up full access control to exactly your requirements as part of implementation.

Use Iplicit on a PC, browser and phone

You can access Iplicit in a variety of ways. Our PC app and remote desktop for Macs provide the comprehensive functionality needed for heavyweight use. Our browser and mobile apps offer a highly convenient solution on the go, with all important information readily accessible and the ability to authorise workflow items, including purchase orders, invoices and holiday requests.

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