Business planning

What happens next really matters. It can transform everything. To make those big decisions, you need the right information about your current position and the ability to forecast and model scenarios quickly and accurately. That’s where Iplicit steps in.

By admin
20 Nov, 2018

Cashflow forecasting

See a realistic, real-time forecast of cash balances in your bank accounts, without running a single report. Model ‘what-ifs’ and see their impact immediately. Know your true finances at a glance – both now and in the future – so you can make informed business decisions and plans. Our built-in cashflow forecasting monitors your cash situation across multiple bank accounts, based on outstanding and regular transactions as well as predicted income and expenditure

Budgeting and forecasting

Maintain multiple budgets and forecasts and incorporate these within management reports and enquiries. You choose the level of detail that suits your way of working. Review, amend and revise these quickly and easily, as often as you need.

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