iplicit Reseller Partner Program

Maintaining value in the channel is an increasingly difficult proposition, particularly with many Vendors offering cloud services directly.  The last 20 years has seen the strength and relevance of channel partners really diminish with many product lines. This forces the channel partner to continually have to reinvent and position itself with manufacturers that won’t ‘bite the hand that feeds them’ further down the line.

In addition to these challenges, Reseller partners are also having to cope with an increasingly ‘Op Ex’ orientated model as opposed to the traditional ‘Cap Ex’ with product lines.  SaaS offerings are transforming the market and forcing Partners to reevaluate their strategy.

At iplicit we recognise the value of the Reseller Channel.  Localised expertise for advice, implementation and training.  The delivery model has changed, but our attitude hasn’t.  However, we don’t want quantity, we want quality.  A select number of Partners with a bias towards experience and long term relationships.  We aim to provide tangible support and opportunity for our Partners; we won’t just wait for them to do the work.  We’ll work with you, if we can see that you are aligned with our vision.  We’re different; the underdog, the outsider, not the mainstream, but we’re also more advanced than the majority of systems on the market.  Our user experience is second to none, and when the ‘penny drops’, you’ll realise that our system could be a key differentiator in retaining and securing clients, who are being courted by many a Partner Reseller, all with similar mainstream offerings.

If you are a Reseller with a real flair for leading edge propositions and a desire to offer something different, that provides a tangible advantage, get in touch with us.  We aim to create a discerning group of Reseller Partners; all of whom we expect to benefit materially from being part of the iplicit family.