iplicit Partner Program for Accountants

Becoming an iplicit Accountant Partner has benefits for both your business and that of your clients.  Not only will you benefit from state-of-the-art functionality and an unsurpassed user experience, but our workflow triggers and tailored interfaces by any number of individual roles means that you will be able to set your practice up as an integral part of each of your client systems.

Automatic triggers can alert you to pre-programmed criteria, whether aged debt to stock to gearing.  A tailored dashboard will enable you to keep your eye on the pulse of every client, without being too intrusive.  In addition for smaller clients, our systems extensive capabilities will provide a platform for you to serve them, whether for MTD, integration with your final accounts systems or your own suite of auditing reports, iplicit provides extensive functionality without unnecessary complexity. Our user interface is second to none and makes using the system completely intuitive.

As an iplicit Accountant-Partner, you will receive extensive training, a discounted demonstration system, which will also serve as your own, and resource support for marketing activities to educate your customer base and provide you with valuable differentiation and additional service offerings, which will drive both customer acquisition and retention in an increasingly difficult market-place.