Contact management

Details on customers, prospects, suppliers and staff are available wherever you are, together with transactional records. Store important correspondence in your document repository and link these directly to relevant contacts. If you use third-party software for any of this information, Iplicit works with all leading applications.

People resource management

People make a business, which is why Iplicit is also your HR tool. Keep employee records, manage absence and holidays, roster staff with our resource scheduler and keep timesheets for all relevant employees, which you can also incorporate when invoicing customers.

Project management

Run projects, set tasks, monitor progress and communicate as part of a team. Iplicit is the ideal tool to manage projects and workloads. Create your own projects, assign tasks, set deadline dates and issue reminders. You can prioritise tasks by order of importance or group them into categories, and even record the project against transactions for reporting and cost/income analysis.

Custom data

Iplicit easily adapts and refines to match your needs exactly and grow as you grow. Any data that’s relevant to your business can be recorded. An example of this is might be property management – recording leases, rents, service charges, valuations and more – and integrating with the rest of Iplicit to invoice tenants automatically.

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