Authorisation workflow

Most businesses require a variety of authorisation processes. For instance, the go ahead to purchase may be based on value and cost centre (among other factors), frequently with multiple levels before approval. Within Iplicit, all these processes can be set up in our workflow engine. That way, documents are routed and escalated automatically based on rules you define. For maximum process efficiency and control, use Iplicit.


Create automated events for those important, regular tasks you mustn’t forget. Monthly invoices, statements and payment reminders can all be produced automatically. You can also schedule housekeeping tasks to automate period-end roll-forward or flag up areas of concern, such as customers in the system without email addresses or suppliers with no bank details recorded.

Document repository

Iplicit automatically stores important documents and you can add other files too. Search for key information quickly. Check documents out and back in for full version control. Sales invoices, receipts, customer statements, purchase orders, supplier remittance advice, customer reminder letters and other correspondence are available at the touch of a button.

Drill-down interconnectivity

We like the idea of having the information you need, when you need it, at your fingertips. So not only is all data connected seamlessly behind the scenes, but also you can get to the exact information you need from wherever you are, using our ‘link label’ navigation and drill-down functionality. Iplicit gives you quick operations in all the right places.

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