Dashboards give you summary charts and overviews for any aspect of your business performance: bank balances and cashflow, sales analyses, purchase and expenses, absence and holidays, debtors and suppliers. Key data is shown graphically, instantly, with the ability to drill down for detail. You can even create personalised dashboards comprising your most critical charts and overviews.

Comprehensive sets of reports

Working across a broad range of organisations, we’ve seen many different reporting requirements over the last 20 years, So we’ve created a comprehensive suite of great reports to give you everything you need. All at the touch of a button.

Powerful enquiry and report generator

Start with a standard report and modify it or create your own from scratch. You can customise any enquiry and present as tables of data, including pivot tables. There’s also our tree functionality, which relates data to your reporting hierarchy needs, and these relationships are all available within your reports and enquiries. Naturally all reports can be produced as PDFs and information can be exported in many formats such as Excel.

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