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  • Iplicit adapts to your existing ways of working and other software and systems you use. Our interfaces are built to handle data in a wide range of industry standard formats. Just let us know how you’d like to work and we’ll do the rest.

    With Iplicit you keep the systems that work for you. Whether it’s payroll, CRM, eCommerce or any other specialised or bespoke software solution, we’ll make sure that it dovetails into Iplicit during implementation.

  • Our private cloud is extremely safe. We use our expert IT service provider partner, Panoptics, to supply it securely, delivering huge amounts of processing power. For the technically minded, behind our cloud service are industry leading technologies (HP, Dell, VMware and VEEAM) in two, UK-based, Tier II & III+ data centres. This enterprise-class technology provides uptime availability of 99.999%. With automated replication between the two data centres, disaster recovery is covered too.

    You can be confident that not only is your data always backed up, but that it’s easy to retrieve, eliminating worries about costly business interruptions. That’s all without the need to invest in, and manage, a network, servers and technical support team.

  • Yes, there is a Software Services Subscription Agreement which sets out in detail all the T’s and C’s and each parties rights, responsibilities and obligations. The minimum term is 12 months.

  • We publish new versions regularly, which include additional tools as well as improvements to existing features. We’ll always notify you of the content of each new release, so you can decide which aspects of additional functionality you’d like to enable.

    New releases are implemented automatically in the cloud – they’re included as an integral part of your subscription to Iplicit, so there’s nothing extra to pay and no work for you to do.

  • You can access Iplicit in a variety of ways, provided you have internet access. Our PC app and remote desktop for Macs provide the comprehensive functionality needed for heavyweight use. Our browser and mobile apps offer a highly convenient solution on the go, with all important information readily accessible and the ability to authorise workflow items, including purchase orders, invoices and holiday requests.

  • Pricing is based on the number of unique users and is inclusive of support, upgrades, hosting and backups. The entry price is £15,000 per annum for up to 10 users – please see our pricing section for more details.

  • You can allow your external accountant to access and do as much or as little as you wish, simply by making them a user. Most customers take care of their everyday activities (around banking, income and expenditure) and, depending on their internal resources and financial skills, may use their external accountant to prepare period end, accruals and final accounts.

  • No. We’ve made Iplicit easy to use by anyone. Much of the day to day financial and business tasks can be delegated to staff without specialist accountancy expertise. Naturally most organisations above a certain size will employ specialist financial staff and Iplicit will allow them to maximise their value-add by streamlining and automating routine tasks, and providing the quality financial and management information they need quickly and easily.

  • No, everything stored in Iplicit is backed up automatically and securely in the cloud.

  • There is no limit.  Each named person has a user account which allows you to define and maintain full access security. Your Iplicit licence is based on the number of unique users (and priced accordingly) – this can be increased whenever you want.

  • Completely. For ease, Iplicit comes with a full suite of predefined user roles based on our extensive experience of implementing financial and ERP software in a wide range of environments, to which you can assign to your staff accordingly. For even greater control, you can add your own roles and access rights, providing an almost infinite set of user access controls down to a very detailed level.

  • None whatsoever. When you need more storage space, you get more space, automatically. We provide a generous allowance for storage space and in circumstances where more is required, there is a small charge.

  • Most certainly. The whole philosophy of Iplicit is to allow you to work the way you want to work, and that means complete flexibility about recording and reporting on the information you need in your business.

  • Yes. You can upload and download any documents, from legal paperwork to staff contracts and leases. You can also link these to relevant data in Iplicit (such as legal entity, staff or property details) as well as record keywords to help when searching the document repository.

  • Iplicit does this for you, saving every document you generate using Iplicit in your document repository. You can access, view and download documentation at any time.

  • Yes, you can save a logo in Iplicit for every legal entity/statutory company, which is then automatically added to your documents.

  • Yes, of course. You can send emails using your own email account straight from Iplicit. All email content is completely customisable, and any documents produced in Iplicit can be attached.

  • Iplicit is built to save you time and make sure key tasks aren’t forgotten. Use our scheduler to automatically generate regular customer invoices or reminder letters; define, set and monitor staff tasks; and much more.

  • Iplicit comes with an extensive set of standard reports and graphic analyses out of the box, and of course we’ll set up any others you might need during implementation. On top of this you can use our phenomenally powerful enquiry system and report generator to create your own reports accessing any data you like across the whole system.

  • You can, whether that’s on an income, expense or other transaction. It’s easy to define new rules and there’s no limit to how many customised fields you set up.

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