Exchequer™ MTD

We’ve heard some nasty rumours from some existing customers and old friends, who’ve been using Exchequer software for many years.  They’ve told us that if they haven’t been paying the annual support fees, then the only way to receive the module to enable their system to be MTD compliant, is to pay for ALL of the years of support that they’ve missed, in order to qualify!  Now, it’s not for us to get political or start judging others for their business practices, but in our book, which has been almost 30 years in the making, we want customers not hostages!  And we don’t think it’s right that there isn’t a workaround for something this simple, so we approached the original Exchequer founders and asked them to write something for us.

It’s not that difficult and not that expensive.  So, as a gesture of goodwill and perhaps an introduction to some new Exchequer users who may wish to use our training, customisation and integration services in the future, we’ve decided to give it away!  Therefore, if you are an existing Exchequer software user who is being told that you might face a hefty bill, just to stay compliant with this simple tax filing change, fear not; register with us and we’ll get you the app delivered in January.

Consider it a New Year’s present from Concept Implementation, helped by the original Exchequer team!


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