Changing finance system?
5 ways to minimise your risk and cost.

Switching your finance system exposes you to all kinds of costly risks. Follow our simple common-sense advice to make your change as painless as possible. And ensure your new system saves you time, money and effort for many years to come.

Your guide:
5 ways to minimise risk and cost

When it comes to replacing the business-critical system that controls every aspect of your organisation’s finances, getting it right is a must. Get the changeover wrong and there’s a high chance of poor financial information, serious inefficiency, wasted time, ballooning costs and frustrated staff. And if problems do arise, fixing them may consume a huge amount of your time, resources and budget.

Yet change is usually a necessity, not an option. As businesses develop so do their needs. Outgrowing your finance system is often an inevitable symptom of business evolution, growth and success. So how do you ensure that change doesn’t leave you short-changed, and expose you to unnecessary risk?

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Iplicit is the smarter finance solution and the brighter business choice for organisations from 5 to 5000 employees. It drives your efficiency, forecasts your performance and informs critical decisions.

It makes good business sense by giving you more features, greater flexibility and excellent support. Iplicit can be up and running in weeks and paying back your investment in just a few months.

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