Are you a charity outgrowing your
finance system? Switch to Iplicit

As charities change they need their finance systems to keep up. So why make do with inefficiencies, limited features and poor reporting? Switch to Iplicit and empower your entire organisation with rich and flexible functionality. Forecast your charity's performance. Inform your decisions. And maximise your core charity spend by making accounting more efficient and less costly.

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7 reasons why charities choose Iplicit

Simple to get started

Switching to Iplicit is easy. Our expert UK-based implementation team ensures that installation is quick and effective, saving charities unnecessary expense and hassle. Migrate your existing data with minimum fuss.

Easier trustee authorisation

Iplicit streamlines trustee approvals. Trustees can be alerted via phone or tablet and the automated process provides an auditable record at every stage. The distribution of approval tasks is available throughout, from staff leave requests to supplier payments.

Sophisticated reporting

Iplicit predicts your financial performance, helps you make better decisions and offers a choice of reporting structures including management, trustee and statutory accounts. And its reports, enquiries and dashboard tools allow you to quickly find and review your data and KPIs. The most important information is always at your fingertips.

More money where it's needed

Iplicit helps to release funding and resources for your core charity activities. Its rich, intuitive and powerful functionality minimises the expense and effort of managing your finances, freeing up your team to focus on essential charity work. And, with no need for expensive IT infrastructure, you’ll save on overheads for maintenance, technical staff and disaster recovery.

Perfect fit and no disruption

Iplicit is perfect for charities from 5 to 5000 employees and integrates easily with no disruption to your critical fund-raising processes. It won’t tell you how to run your organisation. Instead it makes your charity’s processes run more smoothly and efficiently. And it’s ingeniously flexible, designed to grow with you.

More functionality

Iplicit is much more than just a finance system. Features like task approval, workflow automation, absence management, document repository, drill-down interconnectivity and fully flexible user access controls help to drive control, productivity and professionalism. And it’s all wrapped up in an intuitive, easy-to- use solution that’s perfect for charity organisations.

Charity-wide benefits

Iplicit gives your team and trustees access to the right information and functionality whenever and wherever they need it. Used in the office or ‘on the go’ via our mobile app, Iplicit delivers benefits charity-wide.

The product of 20 years of implementing finance systems