Trees for Cities embraces Cloud Accounting

Annabel Kiddle, Head of Finance at Trees for Cities, discusses her journey from PS Financials™ to iplicit. What is the core purpose of Trees for Cities? Trees for Cities is the only UK charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities. We get stuck in with local…

11 Jun, 2020

Third Energy embraces Cloud Accounting

Ruth Motley, Finance Manager at Third Energy, discusses her journey from Exchequer® to iplicit. What is Third Energy’s core business proposition? Third Energy is an independent energy company with a focus on gas appraisal, development and production onshore in the UK. What led to your decision to change Finance systems? We were using a system…

5 May, 2020

Insight Associates transforms service offering with move to Cloud

Garry Mumford, Founder and Managing Director at Insight Associates, discusses what led to their decision to implement iplicit What is Insight’s core business proposition? Primarily, Insight Associates delivers a turnkey Outsourced Finance Department; we run the entire finance and accounting functions on behalf of all our clients. We focus upon high growth businesses that are…

13 Feb, 2020

Profiles Creative

Profiles Creative implements iplicit Cloud-Accounting

Lee Cook, Financial Controller, discusses how iplicit has helped eliminate unnecessary workload What led to your decision to change systems? We are a business that has a significant portion of our workforce as freelancers, submitting weekly timesheets. We were running a separate finance system alongside a timesheet portal, but the two weren’t unified. This lack…

7 Jan, 2020


Borg Transmission Modernises with iplicit

October 2019, Sarah-Jayne White, Director of both Borg Transmission and Borg Automation discusses her experience of changing Accounting Software. Hi Sarah-Jayne, what led to your decision to change systems? After being on Exchequer for many years, it certainly wasn’t a decision that we took lightly. In fact, we have been using the software since it…

11 Nov, 2019

Interview with Rob Steele, iplicit CEO

So, Rob, welcome back to the industry. What took you so long? Previously, I’d considered myself as officially retired from the industry but things have changed and actually in my mind, not changed fast enough.  When I left the sector it was in pretty good shape; the accounting software market had caught up with technology…

11 Oct, 2019

SaaS vs SoSaaS

On the face of it, SoSaas does look like a cloud system, indeed possibly the system you are used to on-premise but now available through the browser.  So what’s the problem I hear you ask?  In order it for it to be accessible outside of your local network, remote desktop technologies such as Terminal Services…

12 Sep, 2019

Top Tips for Migrating From Your Existing Accounting Software

The good news is, that it’s not as bad as you think;  modern-day systems are designed to support rapid implementation and ease of migration from your current on-premise software to a next generation cloud-based services and all of its benefits. But where or how do you start?  We’ve compiled a list of the fundamental considerations…

25 Jun, 2019

7 Reasons why the time is right for your business to move to cloud-accounting

It makes economic sense An obvious cost-saving of moving to the cloud is a reduced hardware requirement, which results in a reduction in the IT support needed for that hardware.  However, there are so many more commercial benefits that a business can experience when utilising cloud based services.  Companies like Microsoft and Amazon spend billions…

5 Jun, 2019

8 reasons why your on-premise legacy system needs upgrading

Here’s a list of just 8 reasons why your current system is probably not serving you as well as it used to.   1 – Disk space! In the old days, this used to be a real premium and so when the finance systems were written in the past, the number of analysis levels available,…

26 Apr, 2019

Saving time when paying suppliers

Iplicit is all about making your running your business easier, by giving you the information you need at your fingertips and integrating functionality to streamline your business processes. Our latest example of this philosophy is our supplier payment functionality. Administering the money leaving a business can be as time-consuming as managing the finances coming in….

5 Feb, 2019

Willowcombe Property Upgrades to iplicit

Willowcombe Limited, a quintessential English-based property company has chosen to use Iplicits ERP software to enhance the management of its growing property portfolio. Operating out of Tonbridge, Kent their portfolio comprises residential and business properties located across the breadth of the Southern counties of England. Recognising the need to improve their current systems Willowcombe started…

21 Jan, 2019

Welcome to iplicit

We’re dedicated entirely to filling the gap between small accounting systems and complex expensive products designed for large corporates.

Need an ERP solution?
We believe in brighter, fairer and better

Iplicit is brought to you by the Concept Software team. Here’s why it adds up to a greater solution than traditional ERP systems. We’ve met most ERP systems over the past 25 years, as we’ve implemented them into a range of UK businesses and organisations. During that time, we’ve seen many of our clients endure…

7 Jan, 2019

What is ERP?

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. It allows businesses to understand and plan how resources are used across their entire enterprise in a single software solution, rather than being restricted to a specific department. It enables businesses to simplify their operations by bringing multiple systems into one place. The origins of ERP date back to the…

2 Jan, 2019