About us

Iplicit is the product of 20 years spent successfully delivering business software systems. Our team has a proven track record of devising, developing and implementing bespoke solutions for organisations of all sizes across the public, private and third sectors.

Our story

Over two decades we’ve found one constant: although there are lots of finance and Enterprise Resource Planning systems, many SMEs and mid-sized organisations lack what they truly need.

Pick an enterprise solution and you usually get powerful capability. But many organisations find the functionality too complex and the cost prohibitive. And then there’s months or even years before everything’s running effectively. Opt for a small business product and, although quick to implement, you soon have to lower your expectations. Often there’s little flexibility and a real lack of functionality.

Our answer

This gap between enterprise and small business solutions leaves so many organisations poorly served. Bridging the gap was the inspiration for Iplicit. First we challenged the status quo. Why compromise on  functionality? Why change the way you work? Why pay for what you don’t need? Why tolerate lengthy and expensive set-up? Then we designed our solution around what most SMEs and mid-sized organisations actually want, an ERP application packed full of sophisticated functionality, yet cost-effective, straightforward to use and rapid to implement. Iplicit was born.

Our background

Iplicit is brought to you by the team at Concept Software, a well-respected project and implementation consultancy since 1997. At Concept, we specialise in developing and delivering business software solutions such as financial, facilities and property management systems. Our expertise encompasses the analysis, design and development of business systems, project management, data migration and software upgrades.

Our clients have included: Brunswick Group LLP, Capital & Counties Properties PLC, Ealing London Borough Council, Ford Motor Company, Goldsmiths University of London, Liberty International, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, NatWest Bank, Pendragon Fine Art Frames, Phoenix Futures, St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust, Trader Media, University of the Arts London and Willowcombe Ltd.

Photo of Iplicit's Team of Experts in Finance and Resourcing

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