The challenge:

A well-known London recruitment agency had grown very successfully to a stage where they had in excess of 2500 candidates, however, the business systems used to administer the business were now stifling further growth through cumbersome processes and the need for manual intervention.

There was no integration between the accounting and CRM systems and a huge amount of the workload was managed through complex spreadsheets to accommodate and monitor the business position and facilitate management reporting.

The solution:

Working in partnership with the company, Iplicit were engaged to analyse the existing systems and processes and significantly streamline their effectiveness. Iplicit enabled real time management information to be produced on the fly, with a snapshot of all of the current business information, at any time.

It was calculated that the time required for all interactions between the company, clients and candidates was taking 37 minutes per candidate per month. After implementing workflow processes and a self-service portal, the customers and candidates are now able to interact securely and directly with Iplicit, saving a staggering 24 minutes of administration per candidate per month.

To put this in perspective, that’s a 66% efficiency saving per candidate per month, or 20 working days per month based, on an eight hour day.

The opportunity:

Iplicit is a unique, SaaS-based ERP system, specifically developed with agencies, for agencies. Learn how your company can benefit from the advanced workflow and inherent adaptability designed into the software. We will provide all business analysis, development and integration, to build it around your exact requirements.

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