Great news! Iplicit have partnered with IT & cloud specialists Panoptics.

We’re delighted to announce that Iplicit’s ERP solution is running on the totally secure, private cloud environment provided by Panoptics.

Having worked with members of the Panoptics team on a number of high-profile projects over the last ten years, Iplicit and Panoptics had already forged a great working relationship. Both companies share the same customer-centric ethos, delivering first-class, innovative solutions – making Panoptics an ideal partner for Iplicit.

Formed in early 2012 by a collective of IT infrastructure, network and service experts, Panoptics have quickly established themselves as a top-tier hosting service provider. By working closely with their customers to design perfectly tailored solutions and providing a truly outstanding service, Panoptics have developed an impressive roster of clients such as The Royal Opera House, Lords Cricket Ground, and London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre.

Panoptics uses proven, industry leading technologies (HP, Dell, VMware and VEEAM) in UK-based data centres. This enterprise-class technology provides uptime availability of 99.999%. With automated replication between Iplicit’s two Tier II & III+ data centres, disaster recovery is covered too. You can be confident that not only is your Iplicit data always backed up, but that it’s easy to retrieve, eliminating worries about costly business interruptions. That’s all without the need for you to invest in, and manage, a network, servers and technical support team.

Panoptics is the backbone behind Iplicit. Ensuring your experience is always secure, fast, reliable and available when you need it. Iplicit utilises Panoptics hosting services, automatically adapting to meet your needs. It’s totally scalable. It grows with you. Ensuring the delivery of Iplicit’s premium features and performance.   Today, tomorrow and the future.

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“Iplicit is a fantastic application, backed up by a knowledgeable, experienced team. We are proud Iplicit chose Panoptics as its cloud-hosting partner, as we share the same values when it comes to delivering innovation and the highest level of customer service.”

James Lewis, Panoptics Global Ltd